MARS Process, Plan of Action
  • Plan of Action

    Every successful project is underpinned by a project plan. Before a pixel is created I'll help you set your objectives, understand who your audiences (customers) are, and find the best ways to reach them.

    Then we'll decide on a budget, and scope out the project to deliver the best return on your investment. At this stage we'll be ready to create a sitemap and wireframes (basic page layouts).

  • Design

    User Experience (UX) is the lasting feeling a user will have after visiting your site. There are many contributing factors to this: How easy was it to use? What was the customer journey like? Was the copy easy to understand? Was it nice to look at?

    Having considered the UX, I'll then work on your User Interface (UI) - that's the beautiful design part that everbody loves! I'll work with Photoshop to create static visuals of your site and get them to a point where you're happy, all before I write a single line of code.

  • Code

    When you're happy with the designs, I'll create your project using the most suitable technology. I hand-code using Responsive HTML5, CSS, jQuery, ASP.NET/MVC, AngularJS, WebAPI, TypeScript, C#.

    You'll then be given a test link to your project, where we can make any final tweaks until you're happy for the project to go live.

  • What can I do for you?

    I can work on your web or Windows projects, either in your offices or from mine. I can fit into your team easily and quickly (more about that in the sidebar) and work on as much or as little of the project as you like. I can make things easier for you, by filling in when you're waiting to recruit the right permanent developer. I can take on one (or more) of your side projects so your development team can focus on your main work. Maybe you don't have a development team. I can take care of everything for you, helping you work out what you want, designing it, prototyping and evaluating it with you, building it for real, testing it, and getting it all installed and working. We'll discuss it all the way through, just to make sure we're happy with how it's working out, and so I can change things before the glue dries. Once the project is done, I'll support it too.

  • What next?

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